• TellGrade Workout Gloves, Gym Gloves, Weight-Lifting-Gloves With Wrist Wraps & Full Palm Protection

    Every physical activity requires the right mental picture to drive effort and dedication. Our gloves guarantee the right picture, making you look good, attractive and standout from the crowd at any gym, fitness or training center. In addition to looking beautiful and classy as you achieve results, these gloves protect your palm during lifting, pushups or pulling a drag rope and prevent calluses, sores and damages to the skin. You must get yourself a pair of TellGrade Open Workout Gloves to be Unique, Classy, Protect your palm & Prevent stress and Tension on your fingers joints and wrists.


    Full protection against torn hands & calluses. Best new premium active sports gloves. Our ventilated fingerless weightlifting glove protects palm and thumb, made of high quality neoprene reinforced with split leather and silicone layer. Suitable for any lift sport or excercise including yoga cycling riding rowing weights lifting bodybuilding weith fitness training crossfit calisthenics pullup working kettlebell wraps deadlift bench press WOD


    Specially designed weighlifting, deadlifting wristwrap fit for male and female, with our pro gripping cadio excersize & training experience with hand support during work out or dead lifing routine. Excellent workoutgloves good for crosstraining, dead lifting wieght, squats, pilates, benchpress, gymnast, rope climbing and other athletic weights lifter sport requiring fingers & wrist protection.


    Experience our unique flexible yet tough silicon printed neoprene design, heavy duty endurance, extra padded for better gripps on pull up bar, muscle up rings, dumbbell, cross fit, barbells, kettle bells weightligting with no rips, tares or calluses.

    2019 design for ladies, mens power grips and womens work out with strength pads strap. Available in small, medium & large. Black and classy orange to standout & be beautiful as you build better bodies.


    Adjustable velcro straps for perfect fit all the time. It ensures wraps keep their tension throughout your workout. Open hand exposed design provide comfort and breathability during intense workouts. Neoprene acts as anti-sweat, keeping wieghtlifting gloves and hands dry, improving grip, reduce sweat and prevent bad smelling which requires less washes, hence longer lasting gloves.


    TellGrade weightlifing gloves are versatile and designed to be functional, comfortable and gentle on your hands. We are absolutely sure you’ll love them. If for any reason you don’t, then return within 30 days for replacement or full refund.

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